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The Breast Cancer Awareness vending machine was created with the idea in mind of helping to support breast cancer charities which, in turn, help provide 1.3 million women that are diagnosed every year and the subsequent 435,000 that pass away as a result of their diagnosis. The company’s Vice President’s mother is a recent breast cancer survivor and she designed and created the machines because she wanted to find a way to support this cause because it means so much to her and her family due to all that they went through. Every little bit counts and due to our recent economic difficulties the charities are hurting. These charities need all the support that they can get right now. We cannot continue to help these charities unless we have generous business owners to allow us to place machines, free of charge, in their establishments. Your customers will be very grateful and appreciative to you for supporting such a great cause. To thank you for showing your support by allowing a machine in your establishment, we are proud to offer you free advertising on our website.

The machines will be maintained on a monthly basis by the local distributor. There are three separate and distinct ways in which these machines help to support charitable causes. The donations come from the machine designer, the manufacturer of the product which goes into the machine and also from the distributor that owns the machine. So this creates a money flow to the charities from three sources. There is no way to give an exact percentage for each one of these entities as the amounts change constantly. The breast cancer awareness vending machine program was launched July 2008, since that time, there has been over $50,000.00 donated to charitable causes. The ultimate goal of these machines will be to generate $370,000.00 yearly in funds which will be disseminated to the participating charities. We can only reach this goal if we can count you in. The more establishments which choose to allow placements, the more money that can be raised. Hopefully, we can even surpass our goal with your help. The Vend For A Cure program hopes that we can count you in too!
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